The Concord Collaborative is a group of likeminded, SBC churches that work together to accomplish the Great Commission.

There are four levels of cooperation.

Plant | Autonomous local partner led by a planter partnered with or trained by Rise865.

Congregation | a church launched in a neighborhood in area code 865 that leverages the unique strengths and foundational ministry philosophies of Rise865 to reach its neighborhood.

Renewal | A church that is ready to reverse its decline, deal with contextual and structural issues causing the decline, but needs coaching and support to make the necessary changes.

Strategic Partner | A healthy church committed to the collaborative values and desires to work together to accomplish the Great Commission.


What does the RISE865 collaborative do?

Plant churches in regions where church to population ratio is greater than 1 to 30,000 people.

Renew established congregations in the 865 area code.

Equip pastors by facilitating relationships for learning, encouragement and continuing education.

Axioms of Collaborating


We submit to the Bible as our final authority in all matters of life and faith.

Passionate About Disciple-Making

We invest in disciple-making efforts to become multiplying churches for the glory of God.

Doctrinally Southern Baptist

We participate in the Southern Baptist Convention by partnering with likeminded churches to advance the Great Commission.

Love for the Local Community

We meet physical and spiritual needs to show Christ in our communities.

Postured for Growth

We are churches striving to reach lost people for Christ and we work everyday to inspire people to follow Jesus.

Invest in the Next Generation

We believe the future of the church is bright and invest in the next generation to carry out the Great Commission.

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